Reduces recruitment costs
Referred candidates are 3-4 times more likely to be hired than non-referred candidates. (Sources of hire report)
New hires sourced via referral programmes produce 25 percent more profit for their companies than new hires sourced via other means. (TAG report)
According to US data referral programmes can save organizations more than $3,000 per hire.
Saves HR time
New hires obtained through employee referrals finish training and onboarding sooner than hires from other sources. (
They also tend to start their jobs sooner than other hires: candidates from career sites start after 55 days; those found on job boards start after 39 days; and employee referrals start after 29 days.
75% of organisations use employee referral program systems that allow for automated or semi-automated processes. (
Builds employee loyalty
Companies who use employee referral programs have average retention rates of 46 percent, compared to the 33 percent retention rates of organizations that only use career sites.
The person referring the candidate into the company is also more likely to stay with the company. If you are referring people into a company it’s because you’re happy at the company and want others to enjoy the benefits of working for a great company.
Introduces a higher quality of candidate
Referral candidates are 5 times more likely to be hired than through standard recruitment.
They are also a better cultural fit as employees have carried out the pre-vetting before they recommend someone into the business.
We work harder to get to right candidate
Because we use a success based pricing model it means that we’re working hard to make the app as easy and engaging to use for both HR depts, employees and candidates.
We don’t get paid unless you have successful talent acquisition through HireUp. The agenda for most commission based recruitment companies is not the same.
You’re bringing innovation
Within any company, each department is looking to reduce costs and simplify processes, using the latest technology to add value. That’s what you’d be bringing to your company by introducing HireUp as a recruitment partner - seamless employee referral management.
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