Think Outside The Box - That's The Box you Call the Office

November 7, 2017 / By Gary Berney

It’s no coincidence that you have your best ideas or find a solution to a problem while you’re out walking or running in the countryside or by the sea. No end of research advises you to get out from behind your desk and change your environment to find true inspiration.

But once you’ve gone back into the office and shared your great ideas with your team, don’t expect...

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My 5 Big Takeaways From The Ibec HR Leadership Summit

November 7, 2017 / By Gary Berney

This year's HR Leadership Summit looked at the different styles of leadership at every level needed to operate in a world that is continuously evolving due to an increasingly digitised and globalised economy, more demanding consumers and the changing nature of the workplace environment.

Find out more about my 5 big takeaway points from the day, for those who couldn't attend and for those who want to learn more!

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Are you sure there isn't a Harvey Weinstein in your organisation?

October 19, 2017 / By Gary Berney

The near daily revelations about the shocking behaviour of Harvey Weinstein has shone a much needed light on how influential or powerful people abuse that influence or power to pressurise, mainly women, with their unwanted advances and sexual harassment.

Whilst we may look at Hollywood and feel it's particular to that industry, the reality is far more unpalatable. A recent survey over in the UK carried out by YouGov on behalf of Young Women’s Trust looked at low paid female workers in large organisations and found that 1 in 8 had experienced sexual harassment at work.

It's a shocking statistic but perhaps only the tip of the iceberg...

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Want to improve your recruitment? Think like Jim Gavin

October 5, 2017 / By Gary Berney

He may be the manager of the 3 in a row All Ireland Football Champions (apologies bringing it up Mayo supporters) but adopting Jim Gavin’s approach will improve your recruitment.

Yes, most would say Jim has far more resources at his disposal than any other county in the country, but that’s not what’s made Dublin so successful. Many experts will point to his meticulous preparation, which no doubt is a factor in their success. But for me the real trick behind their success has been Jim’s willingness...

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