Want to improve your recruitment? Think like Jim Gavin

October 5, 2017 / By Gary Berney

He may be the Manager of the 3 in a row All Ireland Football Champions (apologies bringing it up Mayo supporters) but adopting Jim Gavin’s approach will improve your recruitment.

Yes, most would say Jim has far more resources at his disposal than any other county in the country, but that’s not what’s made Dublin so successful. Many experts will point to his meticulous preparation, which no doubt is a factor in their success. But for me the real trick behind their success has been Jim’s willingness to look at other sports for training and tactical techniques.

Much has been written about visits to the Dublin camp by basketball coaches and certainly the team’s ability to hold onto the ball and movement off the ball when under pressure shows similarity to movement of a basketball team. Dublin’s ability to stretch teams and use the whole pitch again show elements of basketball tactics.

So, what’s this got to do with recruitment? Well as a HR team you need to attract the best talent to your company, which means you need to make your advertising work hard for you, to help drive the optimum number of applications.

The adverts need to be visually stimulating to catch a potential candidate’s attention and then the copy must not only outline the role but do it in a way to drive a willingness to apply. It’s not an easy task, so could you look to other resources Jim Gavin style? To me the obvious place to look for help is your marketing dept.

They’re constantly looking to capture customers attention through visual and word triggers that help drive more customers to a website, to a store or to carry out another desired action. That’s not too dissimilar to what you’re trying to do with candidates. So why not chat to the Head of Marketing and see if they come up with some new ways of showing the information for a role. Maybe set it as a challenge for them to show their creativity.

It may not give you exactly what you want but I’ve no doubt, like Jim Gavin, you can take the bits that are relevant and enhance your advertisements for future success. It’s food for thought. Ask yourself this question - Are you making the most of all the resources you can tap into in your company?

We can always learn from others, so why not open the lines of communication between HR and other departments to see what techniques you can adopt to improve your talent acquisition. It’s time to think like Jim Gavin!

Gary Berney